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The Marriage of Figaro - Overture

—Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Le Nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro - K. 492) was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with Librettist Lorenzo Da Ponte in 1786, just 5 years away from his death.


The opera buffa (comical opera) is one in four acts, which is based on the stage comedy, La folle journee, ou le Mariage de Figaro by Pierre Beaumarchais. The Opera premiered on May 1st, 1786, with Mozart himself conducting at the keyboard for the first 2 performances. The opera is all about the preparation of Figaro’s marriage  and what could (and does) go possibly wrong! The Opera was a partnership of Mozart and Da Ponte, which lead to several other partnered successions such as Don Giovanni and Cosi van Tutte.

The Overture of Le Nozze di Figaro is very popular for its jollity of Mozart, and has since become a favourite in concert pieces.

Performance Details

Performed by: St. Petersburg Festival Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Stanislav Gorkovenko

Album: The 99 Most Essential© Classical Pieces in Movies (2010)

Learn More about The Marriage of Figaro:

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